New Vision Organization, Inc., is a nonprofit 501 (C)(4) organized for Social Welfare purposes.

NVO works to ensure the incarcerated men and women serving long-term and life sentences receive the emotional, spiritual, Legal and educational support needed for prisoners to cope with unrealistic sentences handed down by the courts.

NVO Allies with advocates nationwide, in effort to ensure prisoner’s rights are not violated and that they receive the necessary rehabilitation treatment Dept. of Corrections around the country are mandated to provide.

NVO is dedicated to helping first-time offenders of ANY offense serving life and LWOP sentences, via extensive research in attempts to find legal assistance and other information to address their legal issues.

Our philosophical belief is that individuals heal when their treatment is responsive to their needs and the outside support is made available to them.


Prisoners are all too often stereotyped and their voices are never being heard. We know there is an epidemic in the United States, of mental illnesses and addictions. Imprisonment is not the answer to rehabilitation. In addition, incarceration in most cases, contributes to the high rates of suicide we all know, is occurring in prisons in Massachusetts and around the country. We also know there is enormous lies, deception and corruption occurring in the world causing some to stumble.  Have you ever wondered why someone never previously involved with the law would fail? Prisoners have no voice. But, WE, as Prisoner Advocates are the voices for all prisoners abused, deprived, provoked and misled.

Many prisoners are considered illiterate and worthless to members of society. However, most first-time offenders, especially of a fatality, were educated, attending college and/or working meaningful jobs. In Massachusetts, there is a small portion, between twenty to twenty five incarcerated individuals who are serving life and life without parole sentences for a first-time offense, although a fatality, which occurred during a severe bout with depression. Or some other type of mental breakdown. Others,  while suffering from a long-time addictions and in both cases, never received treatment for their mental health issues or addictions.  These individuals should not be tossed away as though there is no hope for them. For with God, there is always hope and we should show compassion, understanding and mercy toward them, as God has shown Mercy toward us. We have all fallen short of the Glory of God. 

Everyone deserves a second chance and we would like to help, not only give them that opportunity. But to also raise awareness of the fact, that there are decent incarcerated human beings who deserve a Second Chance. Our goal is to also bring awareness of the fact, which many of you may already know, that there is an epidemic in America, of Mental Illnesses and Addictions which should appropriately be dealt with in Long-Term Mental Health and/of Substance Abuse Facilities. NOT PRISONS costing the tax-payers millions of dollars, that can well be spent in actually rehabilitating, healing and successfully releasing normal, productive and healthy individuals.

We hope others will join us in our endeavor to bring hope to the lost and forgotten first-time offenders who have made one serious mistake, leading to their sentencing of Life/LWOP, who are remorseful and whom have already served twenty years or more of their sentence.​

In Addition, NVO also is focused on helping incarcerated individuals whose human/civil rights are violated. There have been an enormous population throughout the country of suicides in prisons. Prisoners who have given up hope and prisoners who could no longer cope with the harsh sentences and ongoing abuses, provocations, deprivations and lack emotional, spiritual, psychological and medical support. We, at NVO want to keep hope alive to those individuals who have given up and are on the verge of taking the only way out, in their hearts. It need not be and we must see that it does not happen. 


NVO Monitors All Provisions of Services to Prisoners, including and especially Civil Rights cases and attempts to assist prisoners with Lawyer referrals and extensive research into other supportive resources.

Assists and Counsels Prisoners Approaching Parole Date/s. Reviews Case Records in Instances of Questionable Concerns, pertaining to Spoliation of evidence, discrimination in Jury Selection, false witness against defendants, etc.

Network with Partners and Affiliates in The Community and Assist with Research into Law, Housing, Employment for anyone who is paroled.

Networking and promoting victim/offender mediation with organizations and groups currently working toward mediation and healing such as Restorative Justice, If and/or whenever possible.

NVO acts on behalf of prisoners by making referrals in addition to calls, writing  and emailing appropriate parties, to bring awareness of an issue and seek further assistance for our client/s.