New Vision Organization, Inc founded in 2004 in an effort to promote consistency nationwide. The Courts and Penal Systems across America, are inconsistent in the way they sentence prisoners, their operations. their policies, rules and regulations. First-Time Offenders of a fatality or any other serious offense, are given life or life without the possibility of parole in the same manner as serial killers and terrorists, when in fact, most first-time offenders, were leading productive lives before stumbling and making a wrong decision. Many psychologically depressed or suffering from some other type of mental disorder.  Many with serious addiction and/or making a poor choice subsequent to poor associations. Every case needs to be looked at individually. Every VOICE needs to be heard and once an individual’s freedom is taken from them, that is punishment enough. Every prisoner deserves to be protected once incarcerated. If we were to think otherwise, we too would be guilty of an offense against fair Justice.

We Believe First-Time Offenders never previously involved with the law and who have been handed down very harsh sentences of life or life without parole, deserve a Second Chance at Freedom, after having served twenty years.

We also believe, once incarcerated, NO prisoner should have their Human/Civil Rights severely violated, which has been the case for years, without justification and without Civil Rights Organizations looking into claims of these violations.

New Vision Organization, Inc. is advocating to End Life/Life Without Parole for First-Time Offenders in Massachusetts, who have had no prior history of violence or involvement with the Law prior to their first and only mistake. Prisoners nationwide are stereotyped and denied their rights to discuss the circumstance/s which led to their downfall.  In addition, due to lack of funding, many of these incarcerated individuals are unable to obtain lawyers willing to take their case/s and truly fight for them.

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